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Hi there! My name is Makenna Albert, and I'm a full-time novel editor. I live in Michigan with my husband, my sleepy dachshund, Toby, and too many books that can't fit on my bookshelves. At any time of the year, I'm probably humming Christmas music or reading next to my Beauty and the Beast themed fireplace.   

After graduating from Calvin College with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing, my love for the craft has been unabated. My 6+ years of editing experience stretch to both sides of the traditional and self-publishing industries, as well as academics and journalism. Previously, I've edited and prepared books for publication at Zondervan and Ott Editorial. Before launching On the Same Page, I taught writing skills to undergraduate college students across the country and dabbled in news writing with The Western Journal.

With hundreds of edited books under my belt, I'm ready to dedicate a careful eye and TLC to your manuscripts. My specialty is YA and adult age categories, and I accept any fantasy adventure, contemporary coming of age, and/or sci-fi crusade through the stars.   

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