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An average query letter has about ten seconds to hook the agent and get them interested. With such a short time to impress them, it's hard to make your letter stand out, especially amongst the thousands of queries these professionals receive every year.

With former experience in the traditional publishing realm, I know exactly what agents are looking for in a query letter and how to pique their interest. This service includes a workshop of your letter's opening and hook, author bio, housekeeping details, and closing information, along with insider information on the industry to take with you on your querying journey. 

Combo deals are also available below that include feedback on your entire query package, like the first chapter and synopsis.

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What They’re Saying

I cannot thank Makenna enough for her guidance and professionalism when reviewing and editing my query package. Her comments were in-depth, constructive and incredibly thorough. I feel she went above and beyond to ensure that all my questions were answered and has given me the best possible start on my querying journey. I would definitely recommend her to any writer.

Shauna McKee

Makenna's advice was definitely valuable. I was prepared to do everything backwards, but now I feel more confident in the querying process with her help and guidance.

Mary Madonia

Makenna's query critique service was incredibly fast, professional, and went well beyond what I paid for it. Highly recommend her and her services!

Diana Homescu

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You've spent years carefully crafting your book to perfection. Let's get you past the query trenches to find the representation you and your novel deserve. Contact me to get started today!

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